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Editorial: Tantaquidgeon kept history in Tupperware

"The name of Gladys Tantaquidgeon, who died this week, held a special place in the annals of the Mohegan Indians of Uncasville. Her establishment of a small Mohegan museum, her dedication to the anthropology and history of the tribe and other Indians, her work in the Western United States in behalf of the betterment of Indians � all are examples of the extraordinary life of this distinguished native woman.

There are countless stories about people who hid their money under their beds. But Ms. Tantaquidgeon brought a new wrinkle to the idea.

More than a decade ago, the Mohegans were making their case for federal recognition to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Much of the evidence of the tribe's authenticity came from Gladys Tantaquidgeon. Letters and documents attesting to the Mohegans' claim were all there in Tupperware containers that she kept under her bed."

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Editorial: Gladys Tantaquidgeon (The New London Day 11/4)

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