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State threatens Oklahoma tribes over taxes

Oklahoma Treasurer Scott Meacham says tribal smoke shops won't be allowed to sell lottery tickets if they don't pay the proper taxes to the state.

Meacham says some tribal smoke shops in the Tulsa area are selling cigarettes with the wrong tax stamp. Instead of the $1.03 stamp, he says they are using the 6-cent stamp that is only allowed for retailers within a certain distance of the state borders.

That has brought state tax collections down, Meacham says. Instead of the projected $22.2 million for September 2005, the state only got $17.9 million.

Some non-tribal stores in the Tulsa area will be selling lottery tickets. Meacham implies that customers will start going to these stores rather than to tribal smoke shops, thereby causing tribal retailers to lose business.

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State treasurer issues threat if smoke shops don't comply (The Oklahoman 10/8)

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