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Harjo: We can prove that Native people ate corn

"White people in the soft sciences have studied Native people to death - and beyond - and what they're trying to prove is still a mystery.

One thing they've learned is how to use ''studies'' to diminish Native people. Another thing they've learned is how to hold on to their collections of Native people for future ''studies.''

Smithsonian scientists explained that they needed the extensive collection ''for study.'' When we inquired about the nature of these studies, we were told that they were for ''the Indians' benefit.''

When we asked for an example, we were told, ''We can prove conclusively that you ate corn.'' We could have told them that Native people ate corn and still do eat corn, and saved them all that rooting around in Indian graves."

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Suzan Shown Harjo: This isn't rocket science (Indian Country Today 8/26)

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