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Man's Indian wife doesn't want mural painted over

The Indian wife of a liquor store owner in Oklahoma doesn't care if Indian people are offended by a mural painted on the building.

Sheila Almond says Indians who don't like the mural "need to stop and think where their heritage is." She told The Oklahoman: "As far as the drinking is concerned, all the Indians drink. And the blacks drink and they're intermixed with the Indians. I don't see the big uproar about the thing."

The mural depicts a white man selling liquor to an Indian man. An Indian woman and several children appear in the background while the sale is completed. Some members of the Choctaw Nation say it is offensive.

"It's just a painting and if the women in Hugo don't like it, they need to take another route to work," Sheila Almond says in response. Her husband, Bob Almond, says he never meant for the mural to offend anyone.

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