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House and Senate hearings, briefing on health care

The House Resources Committee is holding a hearing at 10am today on New York tribal land claims. The hearing will be broadcast over the Internet.
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Ed Note: The hearing recessed around 10:30am so committee members could take three votes. The hearing will resume after the votes. "We will return as quickly as we can," said Rep. Richard Pombo (R-California), the chairman. Update: The hearing has resumed at 11:37am.
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Intro - 3:36 - 636k | Mike Olsen - 5:44 - 0.98MB | Q&A - 24:15 - 4.16MB
Panel II - 32:25 - 5.63MB | Q&A - 26:37 - 4.57MB | Panel III - 19:20 - 3.32MB

The Senate Indian Affairs Committee and the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee are holding a joint hearing at 2:30pm today on the Indian Healthcare Improvement Act. The hearing will be broadcast online.
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Ed. Note: There will be a vote at 3pm, which may or may not interrupt the hearing.
Indianz.Com Listening Lounge:
Intro - 8:27 - 1.45MB
Dr. Grim - 9:39 - 1.66MB | Q&A - 30:15 - 5.19MB
Panel II - 31:20 - 5.38MB | Q&A - 14:56 - 2.56MB
Panel III - 18:47 - 3.22MB | Q&A - 30:17 - 5.20MB

Also today, the National Congress of American Indians is holding a media briefing today at 12:30pm to discuss the health care act. The briefing takes place in Room 485 of the Russell Senate Building.

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