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Men on trial for murder linked to Native gang activity

Six men who are said to be part of a Native street gang are going to trial for the murder of a man on the Muscowpetung First Nation in Saskatchewan.

Quinton Bitternose, Elwin Goodpipe, Conrad Moise, Shawn Nippi, Randy Southwind and Tyrone Southwind are each charged with first-degree murder. They are accused of taking Wayne Friday from his home in Regina and dumping his body on the reserve.

The six men are said to be linked to the Native Syndicate, a street gang. Regina, which is located near several reserves, has a high amount of Native gang activity, according to law enforcement authorities.

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6 men to face trial for murder (CBC 6/20)

Native Gang Reports:
2005 Intelligence Trends: Aboriginal-based Gangs in Saskatchewan (March 2005) | Aboriginal-based Organized Crime (Criminal Intelligence Service Canada 2004)

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