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Opinion: Feds still dragging feet on Indian trust fund

"For over a century, the Individual Indian Money (IIM) trust has snatched American Indians� rightful profits by pinching funds from destitute Native nations. An eight-year lawsuit, Cobell v. Norton, aims to make the government pay what they rightfully owe, but, surprise, surprise, the feds can�t even account for the missing funds, and are dragging their feet all the way to the bank. It�s time the government dealt honestly with American Indian nations�if only to try something new.

Until Cobell v. Norton is resolved, Indians won�t see a penny of the money owed them and their nations�a figure estimated to be in the billions. And it looks like the end is nowhere in sight for the suit�s 500,000 plaintiffs. The government has yet to even account for the stolen funds, never mind compensating the plaintiffs. The trust funds are much needed in Native communities, where poverty rates hover around 25 percent."

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Emily Alpert: Losing (or stealing) Native American trust (The Chicago Maroon 5/19)

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