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Tragedy at Red Lake: Another arrest reported

An update on the latest developments involving the March 21, 2005, fatal shootings on the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota.


Red Lake Chairman Floyd Jourdain Jr.
Star Tribune: Red Lake School Shootings
Pioneer Press: Red Lake shooting
KSTP-TV is reporting another arrest connected to the family of Red Lake Nation Chairman Floyd Jourdain Jr. A tribal member has been charged with assaulting Georgiana Jourdain, the sister of Chairman Jourdain, and aunt of Louis Jourdain, who has been charged in connection with the shootings at the Red Lake High School.

KSTP-TV said tribal police are not releasing details about the incident, which allegedly occurred March 31 and was allegedly committed by a female tribal member. The station said Chairman Jourdain denied anyone in his family has been the victim of a recent assault.

Chairman Jourdain has proclaimed his son's innocence and said he currently has no plans to step down. Francis "Chunky" Brun, the father of a school security guard killed in the shootings criticized the leader of the tribe. "He should have had a better handle on what his son was doing," Brun, a former tribal administrator and political rival of Jourdain's, told The St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Jourdain family member allegedly assaulted (KSTP 4/5)
Under pressure (The St. Paul Pioneer Press 4/5) pw1

Students on the reservation have been out of school for two weeks since the shootings. School board members have delayed the reopening of the elementary and middle school until next week as security concerns are being addressed. Schools throughout the state are looking at similar issues.

The middle school, located on the same grounds as the high school, is due to take in high school students displaced by the shootings, The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. A parent-teacher conference is scheduled for Thursday to decide when high schoolers will resume classes. Jeff Weise, 16, the shooter, was a sophomore.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service continue to respond to the law enforcement, social service, health care and other needs of the community. The victims and their families are also eligible for state and federal aid. Some money, about $42,000, has already been distributed by the state under the federal Victims of Crime Act and can cover lost wages, health care, funeral expenses and other costs.

Red Lake middle school in line to do double duty (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 4/5) pwlat
State's schools scrutinize security and safety plans (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 4/5)
Red Lake victims can get state, U.S. aid (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 4/5)
Getting help (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 4/5)
Man with Lode ties aids tribe (The Union Democrat 4/4)

Donations for the victims and their families can be sent to:
Red Lake Nation Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 574
Red Lake, Minnesota 56671
How to help the Red Lake people (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/27)

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