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E-mail describes FBI briefing on Red Lake shootings

An update on the latest developments involving the March 21, 2005, fatal shootings on the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota.

Jeff Weise in a 2005 class photo.
Star Tribune: Red Lake School Shootings
Pioneer Press: Red Lake shooting
News reports returned to the details of the March 21 shooting at Red Lake High School after an e-mail by a sheriff's deputy who attended an FBI briefing on the shooting became public. According to deputy Sheriff James Goss of Polk County, Jeff Weise, 16, was shot in the leg and hip by a tribal police officer before turning the gun on himself.

"The entire school was covered with blood," Goss said in his e-mail, according to news report. "There were bullet holes everywhere." Goss has since been placed on administrative leave with pay.

According to The St. Paul Pioneer Press, some of Weise's movements were captured by surveillance cameras at the school. The paper said he and Louis Jourdain, 16, who has been arrested in connection with the incident, planned the shooting in hopes of being recorded. Jourdain has been charged with conspiracy in federal court as a juvenile.

In an interview with The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Jeff May, 16, also described what happened on that day. He said he tackled Weise and stabbed him with a pencil in hopes of stopping the shootings. May was shot in the face and suffered a stroke that has caused paralysis on his left side. It is now known if his condition will be permanent.

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Support continues to pour into the Red Lake community in response to the tragedy. The tribe reports receiving letters, calls, money and items from all over the world. Dave Anderson donated thousands of dollars for sporting equipment, the Wal-Mart in Bemidji has already raised $5,000 and the White Earth has donated $5,000 and plans to hold a benefit to raise more money.

AMERIND Risk Management Corporation is contributing $5,000 to the tribe's support fund. The Red Lake Nation sponsored ARMC and helped ARMC attain federal charter corporation status. Recently, AMERIND began installing fire extinguishers, range hood canisters and smoke detectors at the homes on the reservation.

"I�m shocked and saddened about what took place at the high school last week because I had been with these folks and I had been in several of their homes. These people were hard working and needed our support. They are in our hearts and prayers," said Lewis Casey, a safety services specialist.

Chanelle Rosebear, 15, one of the victims, was buried in a traditional ceremony yesterday in Ponemah. She was remembered as an athlete who played basketball and softball and was a fancy shawl dancer.

The last funeral for the victims will take place on Saturday. Dewayne Lewis, 15, will be laid to rest in Ponemah.

Support pours in from around world (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/31)
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Many Red Lake tribal members who live in the Twin Cities are seeking assistance to travel back home. The tribe's Red Lake Urban Office is arranging donations. They can be sent to:
Red Lake Urban Office
Franklin Business Center
1433 E. Franklin Ave
Suite 13A
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Also, donations for the victims and their families can be sent to:
Red Lake Nation Memorial Fund
P.O. Box 574
Red Lake, Minnesota 56671
How to help the Red Lake people (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 3/27)

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