Perspective: 'Scoop' of Indian children was genocide

"During the 1960's, the [Canadian] Children's Aid Society removed aboriginal children from their families and communities. They either placed them in foster care or adoption them in Canadian homes either outside of their community, or out of province and outside of the country. This is referred as the 60's Scoop.

The 60's Scoop refers to the adoption of aboriginal children in Canada between years of 1960 and mid 1980's. This period is unique in the annals of adoption. This phenomenon coined the 60's Scoop, is so named because the highest numbers of adoptions took place in the decade of the 1960. In many instances, children were literally scooped from their homes without knowledge or consent of families and/or their communities. Many First Nations charged that in many cases were consent was not given, government authorities and social workers acted under the colonial assumption that native people were culturally inferior and unable to adequately provide for the needs of the children. Many First Nations believe that the forced removal was a deliberate act of genocide."

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