Utah tribe to investigate placement of children

The Northern Ute Tribe in Utah says it will investigate the placement of three children who were allegedly abused by their grandmother.

Jose Rodriguez, 4, was beaten so badly that he was left in a coma. He has since come out of the coma but has difficulty speaking and his right arm and leg are partly paralyzed. His 3-year-old brother, Emilio, was beaten as well. Their sister, Mona, 2, was not harmed.

Charlissa Sireech, the children's maternal grandmother, has been charged with seven counts of assault. Her live-in boyfriend, Michael DeHerrera, also faces charges related to the abuse. Sireech allegedly attacked the boys because they spoke Spanish.

The children had been living with their paternal grandmother, Leoncis Rodriguez, in California. It is unclear why the California court system sent them to the reservation, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

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