Column: California tribes on the 'warpath' again

"If you've had the misfortune of turning on the TV lately, surely you've discovered that California's Indian tribes are at war. Not just with the white man, who wants a piece of their casino action, but with one another.

Dueling ballot propositions, along with opposition to a deal Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger cooked up with five tribes, are making for a blitz of TV ads. The combatants are throwing $10 million into the battle this week alone, with a total of about $75 million already on the table.

I'm not sure the ads will help anyone sort through the issues, but they do make one thing perfectly clear:

The tribal casinos must have the tightest slots in history. Where else would all those millions be coming from?"

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Are Tribes Cashing In Their Heritage? (The Los Angeles Times 9/24)