Miccosukee Tribe to cooperate with state police

The Miccosukee Tribe of Florida has agreed to cooperate with state law enforcement in the case of Kirk Douglas Billie, a tribal member accused of killing his two young sons.

Billie's alleged crime occurred off the reservation in 1997. But the tribe successfully blocked state police from coming to the reservation to investigate the deaths.

Now the tribe says it will work with the state so that Billie can return home pending a new trial. The agreement would involve turning him over to state police if he violates conditions of his release.

Billie had been convicted of killing Kurt Billie, 5, and Keith Billie, 3, by driving the SUV in which they were sleeping into a ditch. But an appeals court ordered a new trial, saying the jury shouldn't have heard information about Billie's violent past.

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Tribe proposes reduction in powers (The South Florida Sun-Sentinel 8/12)

Court Decision:
Billie v. State (July 30, 2003)

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