City leaders criticized for D.C. trip paid by tribe

The leader of a northern California city are being criticized for taking a "lobbying" trip to Washington, D.C., that was paid by the Ione Band of Miwok Indians.

The trip by the mayor and vice-mayor of Plymouth incensed residents who are already upset over an agreement the city council signed with the tribe. A May 4 recall election has been scheduled to remove those who supported the agreement.

The tribe is seeking land for a casino but is under scrutiny over alleged padding of the tribal rolls by Bureau of Indian Affairs employees who support gaming. A man who claims to be the tribe's traditional chief says imposters have overtaken the tribe. But members of his family dispute his claims of leadership and point to deals he made with casino developers in the past.

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Council members take D.C. trip (The Amador Ledger Dispatch 4/28)
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