Beacons of hope for youth of Leech Lake Reservation

After focusing on the struggles facing youth on the Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota, The Minneapolis Star Tribune turns its "Lost Youth" series to efforts to end the cycle of substance abuse and violence.

Many say a return to tradition is part of the solution. Tribal members have created programs, like Network for Native Futures and the Circle of Women, to combat problems on the reservation.

Louise Shelley has turned her home into the Spirit of the Forest Enrichment Center to focus on Ojibwe culture. Shelley takes in children in need of help and has been a foster parent to more than 50 kids over the years.

The Leech Lake Reservation was originally 670,000 acres in size but tribal ownership has dwindled to less than 7 percent. The tribe is seeking ways to increase ownership and assert jurisdiction, including the establishment of a police force.

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