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Column: Exoneration of Chief Leschi rights a wrong

"On a wet and blustery December day, in a windowless auditorium at the Washington State History Museum in downtown Tacoma, the bailiff slammed the wooden gavel down with a startlingly loud bang, bang!

"All rise!" he demanded. "The Washington Historical Court of Justice is in session!"

The overflow crowd, many of whom were members of the region's Indian tribes, rose and quieted as the panel of seven judges strode in and took their seats at a long dais on the stage. The gavel slammed again. The murmuring crowd sank into the seats and a nearly 150-year-old story of injustice was just four hours from a dramatic, if not surprising, historical revision."

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Thomas Shapley: Historical revision rights a wrong (The Seattle Post Intelligencer 12/19)

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