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Series: Waiting for justice on Crow Reservation

The Billings Gazette is running a series on the brutal murders of two young women on the Crow Reservation in Montana.

Koren Diebert, 26, and LaFonda Big Leggins, 23, were found badly beaten to death on Thanksgiving Day 2003. Three brothers known to police as "thugs" were immediately implicated with the crime.

But the paper said the investigation got off to a shaky start. Former Bureau of Indian Affairs investigator Bob Pease, now a county undersheriff, said an FBI agent didn't take much time to look over the crime scene.

Nevertheless, Pease said he presented a good case to charge Eugene, Moses and Randy Rising Sun. The Crow Tribe rounded up the three brothers in anticipation of federal action that never came. Two brothers have since been released from tribal custody and the third, who is facing federal drug charges, could be set free soon.

The case has reservation residents and Crow leaders upset over the lack of prosecution. They say racism is to blame, a charge federal officials deny. About 300 tribal members held a protest last week to demand action a year after the women's deaths.

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