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Editorial: Tribe's college should stay open

"Si Tanka and South Dakota's Native American community have every reason to keep the school open, because the dream of turning this into an international Native American school is wonderful.

But what are the realistic chances of keeping this school open and successful? None, if it continues as it has. This school has a terribly troubled history, and while Si Tanka only inherited the problems, something's got to change if the university is to be successful. Clearly, what's been done in the past hasn't worked.

Look at management. Look at finances. Look at enrollment. Look at the need. Look at viability.

It would be unfortunate if the school were to close. That has to be an option, though. If supporters don't seriously consider viability, we're certain to see problems continue."

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Editorial: Si Tanka needs change (The Sioux Falls Argus Leader 10/29)

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