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Editorial: Treatment of Indian youth a horror

"Earlier this year a national report documented abysmal conditions in jails and prisons throughout Indian Country.

That was bad enough and underscored the need for remedies, including better funding.

But now come the complaints from families of teenagers at the White Buffalo Youth Detention Center -- things such as a 17-year-old shackled for almost two weeks, or a 14-year-old confined to a "restraint chair" with a towel stuffed in his mouth and a pillowcase over his head.

Upon his release the 17-year-old received medical treatment for swelling of his ankles and wrists; last week he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from his incarceration.

Some of these kids are bad actors, and many have serious addiction problems. But there can be no justification and should be no tolerance for such treatment -- of adults, much less of children."

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Editorial: Youth detention horror must end (The Great Falls Tribune 10/5)

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