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Opinion: Dave Anderson should 'immediately resign'

"The top American Indian at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Dave Anderson, must immediately resign from his post. Anderson has neglected a major part of his job, and he seems more interested in maintaining the Bush administration's agenda of indifference than meeting the needs of Indian Country.

In the few months since heading up the bureau, Anderson, who is Choctaw and Ojibwe, has been running into a beltway buzz saw of criticism for his refusal to perform a key duty of his job - overseeing tribal gaming.

Many, including Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, R-Colo., the lone Indian (Cheyenne) in Congress, are wondering why Anderson accepted the appointment from President Bush in the first place."

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Mark Anthony Rolo: BIA's top American Indian official should go (The Billings Gazette 6/25)

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