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Winona LaDuke: 'Someone has to defeat George Bush'

Former Green Party vice presidential candidate Winona LaDuke spoke to Native reporter Dorreen Yellow Bird, of the Grand Forks Herald, about politics and her environmental efforts.

LaDuke said she was reluctant to run for public office but agreed to be put on "a list" for the party. Ralph Nader ended up picking her name off the list.

"The communities I work for are poor, rural communities of color and farming communities - not really on the national political radar, " she said. "I asked myself if these communities deserve to be heard in Washington, D.C., and if what happens to us is indicative of national politics. I think it is."

LaDuke isn't on the ballot this year but she said she would tell Nader, who is facing criticism for his decision to run, "to keep going." "Obviously, I am not a fan of President Bush," she said. "But I sure hope Kerry can get his act together because someone has to defeat George Bush."

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