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Myers advocated giving $1M federal land for free

Former Interior Solicitor Bill Myers, an appeals court nominee, suggested that two California Congressman write a bill to give $1 million worth of federal land to a private company for nothing.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Myers failed to consult the Bureau of Land Management or lawyers in the field. "Turns out Solicitor William G. Myers III suggested this solution to [Congressmen] Herger and Doolittle," one BLM employee wrote in an e-mail obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. "Would have been nice if he had asked us first."

A company called Yuba River Properties claimed 8 acres of land with valuable sand and rock assets but BLM officials rejected the claim, at one point fining Yuba River for trespass. Myers nevertheless told the Congressmen that the company should be given the land.

Myers has been nominated for a spot on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Tribes and environmentalists say he favored the industry during his tenure as the Department of Interior's top lawyer.

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