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Quapaw Tribe secures dismissal of lawsuit over casino site in Kansas (12/18)

The tribe plans to spend $15 million to expand the Downstream Casino Resort onto trust land in Kansas.

Foes promise suit over Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe's casino (12/18)

Don't expect the case to be filed soon -- opponents plan to wait up to six years to challenge the tribe's land-into-trust application.

Samish Nation still waiting for decision on long-awaited casino (12/16)

Plans call for a 48,100 square-foot casino on about 11.41 acres in Skagit County.

Cowlitz Tribe plans $13.4M wastewater system at casino site (11/13)

Chairman William Iyall is confident that the Environmental Protection Agency will approve the project.

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe casino site finally placed in trust (11/13)

Chairman Cedric Cromwell said the decision by the Bureau of Indian Affairs carries added meaning as Thanksgiving approaches.

Quapaw Tribe works on agreement for ancestral Arkansas land (11/10)

Chairman John Berrey has repeatedly pledged not to pursue gaming on its former reservation in present-day Little Rock.

Little River Band might buy additional land near gaming site (11/10)

The tribe has seen strong local support for the $180 million project in Fruitport Township in Michigan.

BIA formally declares reservation for Cowlitz Tribe casino (11/09)

Administrative appeals and litigation have delayed construction of the $510 million Cowlitz Casino and Entertainment Resort.

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe buys gaming site for $34.5M (11/09)

The tribe hopes to break ground on the long-awaited First Light Resort and Casino in Taunton, Massachusetts, in spring 2016.

Quapaw Tribe still vows no casino on ancestral land in Arkansas (11/03)

Chairman John Berrey has been willing to sign a no-casino pledge although it's not clear whether it would be enforceable.

Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation might not see casino support (10/29)

Officials in DeKalb County, Illinois, aren't sure whether they will support the tribe's land-into-trust application for the site.

Grand Ronde Tribes open to ideas with purchase of old racetrack (10/22)

A casino near Oregon's largest city could be a big win as long as it doesn't hurt an existing facility about 60 miles from Portland.

Grand Ronde Tribes won't rule out casino at former racetrack (10/16)

The site puts the tribe a lot closer to Portland, Oregon's most populous city and could address competition from a rival casino.

Lytton Band vows not to pursue casino on newly acquired lands (10/13)

Officials and residents have raised concerns about the tribe's plans to establish a homeland in Sonoma County, California.

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe brings competition to New England gaming market (10/09)

Moody's is warning of impacts in Massachusetts and even Rhode Island as the tribe moves forward with its long-delayed casino.

White Earth Nation plans hotel and RV park at third casino site (10/09)

The development will be located on 270 acres at Star Lake, a small community in Minnesota located outside of the boundaries of the main reservation.

Coquille Tribe awaits next step in bid for off-reservation casino (10/02)

The Bureau of Indian Affairs could release a draft environmental impact statement by the end of the year.

White Earth Nation outlines plan for yet another gaming facility (09/28)

The tribe will build a casino with a hotel and RV park at Star Lake, a small community south of the reservation.

Enterprise Rancheria wins ruling in casino land-into-trust case (09/28)

A federal judge rejected a slew of claims made by two rival tribes with existing casinos in northern California.

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe gaming site officially put in trust (09/25)

A 151-acre site in Taunton, Massachusetts, plus another 170 acres in Mashpee, the location of tribal headquarters, were immediately placed in trust by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

White Earth Nation linked to land buys at potential casino site (09/25)

A land management company whose contact is the tribe's attorney has purchased 230 acres in Star Lake, Minnesota, for $2.25 million.

Sault Tribe faces hurdles with off-reservation gaming projects (09/18)

More lawsuits are expected if the Bureau of Indian Affairs ever approves the tribe's land-into-trust applications.

Sault Tribe wins dismissal of off-reservation gaming litigation (09/17)

The tribe wants to build a $245 million casino in Lansing, Michigan, on property that was acquired in connection with a land claim settlement.

Seneca Nation wins decision in off-reservation gaming lawsuit (09/16)

The tribe is pursuing a $40 million expansion of the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino in downtown Buffalo, New York.

Seneca Nation grows land holdings at off-reservation casino (09/14)

The tribe acquired several properties worth more than $3.2 million around the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino in Niagara Falls, New York.

Tejon Tribe anticipates lengthy process for casino in California (09/09)

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is moving forward on the land-into-trust application but a decision is years away.

Quapaw Tribe still willing to sign no-casino pledge in Arkansas (08/31)

Local officials said Chairman John Berrey hasn't followed up on his offer but he's planning on arranging meetings soon.

Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation must wait for support on casino (08/20)

A resolution to support the tribe's land-into-trust application for a Class II gaming facility in Illinois was tabled.

Recently recognized Tejon Tribe moves ahead with casino plan (08/13)

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is preparing an environmental impact statement for a 250,000 square-foot casino in Kern County, California.

Mayor believes BIA decision coming soon on Sault Tribe casino (08/12)

The land-into-trust application for a site Lansing, Michigan, has been pending for 11 months.

Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation revives plan for Illinois casino (08/05)

The tribe reacquired 127 acres within the Shab-eh-nay Reservation and contends the land can be used for gaming.

Sault Tribe remains confident in off-reservation gaming dispute (08/04)

The tribe wants to build the $245 million Kewadin Lansing Casino in Lansing, a project supported by the mayor.

Catawba Nation still waiting for answer on casino land-into-trust (07/31)

A federal law mandates the acquisition of land in North and South Carolina but the Bureau of Indian Affairs does not move quickly.

Catawba Nation in talks to bring Hard Rock into gaming plans (07/27)

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has yet to issue a decision on a land-into-trust application that was submitted in September 2013.

Quapaw Tribe willing to sign agreement barring Arkansas casino (07/13)

The tribe's land-into-trust application for 160 acres near Little Rock has been met with significant controversy in the state.

Quapaw Tribe sees more opposition to Arkansas land-into-trust (07/10)

Four members of the state's Congressional delegation -- including two who have received contributions from the tribe -- want the Bureau of Indian Affairs to deny the application.

Non-Indian man plans appeal in loss of Gun Lake Tribe casino case (07/06)

David Patchak, who wants money from the tribe, will take the case to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals for the second time since 2008.

Former Seneca Nation gaming executive pleads in land case (06/23)

Bergal Mitchell III admitted he took $338,000 from a fraudulent land purchase.

Quapaw Tribe blames non-Indian track in Arkansas for opposition (06/08)

Local officials have raised concerns about a casino even though Chairman John Berrey has repeatedly insisted there aren't plans for one.

9th Circuit sides with Big Lagoon Rancheria in gaming site dispute (06/04)

By a unanimous vote, an en banc panel of the court rejected all of the challenges raised by the state of California.

BIA confirms Soboba Band can put casino at newly acquired site (06/03)

The tribe spent nearly eight years trying to get the 410-acre site placed in trust.

Tejon Tribe plans to negotiate agreement with county for casino (06/03)

Chairwoman Kathryn Morgan warned that the process will take at least two years, if not longer, to complete.

Soboba Band still working on plan to relocate casino to new site (06/01)

It only took nearly eight years, but the Bureau of Indian Affairs has finally approved a land-into-trust application for the southern California tribe.

Quapaw Tribe looks to dispel concerns about casino in Arkansas (05/27)

Chairman John Berrey said the tribe's land-into-trust application for an ancestral site is about cultural preservation, not gaming.

Supreme Court won't hear challenge to Graton Rancheria casino (05/27)

A group called the Stop the Casino 101 sued Gov. Jerry Brown (D), but not the tribe, for signing a Class III gaming compact.

Forest County Potawatomi Tribe buys properties next to casino (05/21)

The tribe will start a planning process but won't use the land for gaming. A land-into-trust application won't be filed either.

Homeowner group raises fears of casino from Miccosukee Tribe (05/18)

The tribe has no plans to convert the Miccosukee Golf and Country Club into a casino but that hasn't stopped the opposition.

Quapaw Tribe still facing questions about casino in Arkansas (05/13)

Chairman John Berrey has insisted a casino is not in the works for ancestral land in Little Rock, the state capital.

Editorial: State needs assurances from Quapaw Tribe on gaming (04/23)

The tribe has no plans for a casino in Central Arkansas, so why not put a conservation easement on the 160 acres?

Quapaw Tribe aims to dispel concerns about casino in Arkansas (04/21)

Chairman John Berrey has been meeting with local officials to discuss the tribe's land-into-trust application.

Kansas seeks injunction to stop Quapaw Tribe gaming expansion (04/17)

Individual tribal leaders, including Chairman John Berrey, have been added to the state's lawsuit as defendants.

Quapaw Tribe faces opposition over possible casino in Arkansas (04/16)

Some local officials want the tribe to state that it won't use the land in Little Rock for gaming but that wouldn't necessarily bar a casino in the future.

Quapaw Tribe did not include casino on land-into-trust request (03/26)

Chairman John Berrey told the Bureau of Indian Affairs that there are no plans to change the use of the land.

Quapaw Tribe insists a casino isn't focus of Arkansas land plan (03/25)

The tribe has filed a land-into-trust application for 160 acres of its former reservation.

Quapaw Tribe faces opposition to potential casino in Arkansas (03/24)

The mayor of Little Rock is among those who are questioning whether a casino is right for the area.

Quapaw Tribe open to casino on historic homeland in Arkansas (03/23)

The tribe still needs to clear the land-into-trust process and would need to negotiate a Class III gaming compact.

Cowlitz Tribe eager to start work on long-delayed casino project (03/13)

The tribe's 152-acre reservation was placed in trust earlier this week.

Cowlitz Tribe celebrates as BIA finally puts gaming site in trust (03/10)

Opponents -- including a rival tribe with an existing casino -- are still in court trying to stop the project.

Tunica-Biloxi Tribe involved in video gaming project in Georgia (02/03)

The Louisiana-based tribe paid $6 million for a site in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Redding Rancheria gets a second shot for casino at a larger site (01/21)

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals delivered a mixed victory to the northern California tribe.

9th Circuit rules in dispute over Redding Rancheria gaming site (01/20)

The tribe has offered to close its existing casino and move operations to a larger site.

Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe acquires land adjacent to casino site (01/07)

The tribe paid $1.1 million for eight parcels totaling 17 acres.
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