COVID-19 in Indian Country
"Few places in the world have fared worse than Arizona during this crisis," Rep. Greg Stanton (D-Arizona) is telling the White House.

Rep. Greg Stanton continues to push for COVID-related relief for the Navajo Nation, speaking in favor of the FEMA Assistance Relief Act, legislation he’s co-sponsored to increase the federal cost share of FEMA public assistance funding for COVID-related declarations.

A new plan to reauthorize national surface transportation funding and infrastructure investment includes several key measures to benefit Indian Country.

Ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to Arizona, Rep. Greg Stanton (D-Arizona) is asking a simple question: Where is the $8 billion in coronavirus relief promised to tribes?

Rep. Greg Stanton urged President Donald Trump to take immediate action to eliminate the Federal Emergency Management Agency local cost share to help the Navajo Nation fight the COVID-19 pandemic.