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Indianz.Com is all about you, the users. We provide news, information, and resources about issues affecting Native peoples because you want it and you need it!

But we can't do it all. So there are easy ways for you to contribute your ideas, opinions, and more to Indianz.Com.

Easy Ways to Contribute

1. Suggest a Site
Much like Yahoo! we rely on user submissions to create resources for other users. Chances are if you found it and you like it, someone else will like it too. Use our Suggest a Site form to make your recommendations. If you have your own web pages, what better way to promote them?

2. Become an Editor
Are you an expert on a particular issue, such as pow wows? Have you discovered every single page about Navajo culture and the Navajo Nation? If so, you should consier becoming an editor for a particular topic. Use our Become an Editor form to let us know what you know! A perfect opportunity for budding webmasters.

3. Send us News Links
We uncover news stories daily and hourly about Native issues. But many times, you find them before we do! If so, send us the news link using our Refer a News Link page.

4. Become a Writer/Columnist
If you are a talented writer, you can be the first one to have your own contributing column here on Indianz.Com! Impress your friends and write it on your resume. Send us an email at to discuss how we can make space for you on our site.

5. Advertise on Indianz.Com
Tribal governments, tribal-owned businesses, and Native and minority owned and run businesses benefit greatly from exposure on Indianz.Com. Companies, products, or web sites geared to particular areas of interest such as health or gaming also benefit from advertising. Learn more and contact us today!

6. Visit us Daily
Make us your homepage! Tell your friends! And your enemies too...

A Big Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site. Your continued support of us is appreciated and we acknolwedge everyone's input and views. But most of all, thanks for proving that Native people are on the Internet, alive and well!

The Indianz.Com Editorial Staff

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