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Murders of Lakota men along Rapid Creek are still unsolved

Please read the names of the men listed below.

The bodies of these men, nearly all of them Native Americans, were found in or near Rapid Creek. All in all in the years 1998 to December of 2000, there were 11 unexplained deaths in Rapid City.

There was Ben Long Wolf, age 36, George Hatton, age 56, Allen Hough, age 42, Royce Yellow Hawk, age 26, Randell Two Crow, age 48, Lauren Two Bulls, age 33, Dirk Bartling, age 44, Arthur Chamberlain, age 45, Timothy Bull Bear Sr., age 47, Lonnie Isham, age 43, and Wilbur G. Johnson, age 41. There are a couple more not on this list that have been murdered since.

There were far too many bodies found in such a short time for it to be a set of coincidences. These murders are unsolved. The Rapid City Police Department gave up on trying to solve them years ago. I wonder if they would have given up so easy if all of these men were white.

Operation Lady Justice Task Force was set up in Rapid City by the White House and the question we posed to the U. S. Attorney’s Office is: Are you going to include the names of the Indian men found murdered at Rapid Creek as a part of your “Lady Justice Task Force?” So far we have not received an answer.

The murders of Indian men in Rapid City stopped only after the Indian community set up a group of Natives to patrol Rapid Creek every night. There has always been suspicion that a group of white teenagers found that murdering Indian and white homeless men would make for a good sport.

The same thing happened in Farmington, New Mexico. In the 1980s. Several white teenage boys started to murder intoxicated Navajo men by bashing in their heads with rocks. In this case they were finally apprehended after killing several Navajo men, but they were all teenagers so they were sentenced as teens and all of them were out of juvenile jail after serving only a few years.


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