President Donald Trump during a visit to Mount Rushmore on Sioux Nation treaty territory in South Dakota. Photo: Andrea Hanks / White House

Native Sun News Today Editorial: Trump’s niece paints a horrible picture of her Uncle Donald

Things were bad enough after three years of Donald Trump and many of us thought it couldn’t get worse. Ooops! Sorry!

Because along came a Covid-19 pandemic that has really put the screws to everything. And the pretender sitting in the Oval Office said it as a “hoax.”

It would have been prophetic if Trump had been forced to go to a few of the funerals of the thousands of Americans who died from this “hoax.”

Because Trump mistook the word pandemic for politics, he tried every devious method he knew to deny and downplay this deadly disease. The Trump Administration totally blew away any chances of bringing this deadly disease under control like many other countries did simply because they tried to pretend it didn’t exist or worse yet, “We will just have to learn to live with it,” or die with it.

America is paying the price in precious lives because of one man’s stupidity. Even with this gross display of ignorance he still has his rabid supporters.

But the week started off with a real downer for Trump. His beloved niece, Mary Trump, wrote a scathing book about Uncle Donald. His sons tried their best to keep it from being published, but then they don’t know anything about freedom of the press either.

Mary has a PhD in clinical psychology from Adelphi University and so she wrote her book in an analytical style looking at her uncle as a deranged child. She said he was the most dangerous man to ever sit in the chair of the president. Even though the book as allowed to be published by the courts, Trump’s lawyers are still trying to get a “gag order” placed on her.

They do not want to see her on any of the talk shows validating her assumptions on a public forum.


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