Kristi Noem and Donald Trump. Cartoon: Native Sun News Today

Native Sun News Today Editorial: It is time to start preparing for the upcoming elections

We want all of our readers to realize that there are so many elections this year and all of them are extremely important.

At the top of the list is the election for President of the United States. Donald J. Trump has proven to be the worst president that ever served. Every day he does something outrageous in order to make the U.S. voters look the other way and forget the outrageous thing he did the day before.

While there a pandemic decimating America and much of the world Trump is looking for any reason he can come up with to place the blame for his total incompetence on someone else. And so he blames China, Democrats, and the World Health Organization in a pitiful effort to shift the blame to someone else.

Trump thinks that all Americans are as stupid as some of his idiotic supporters in the MAGA hats waving Confederate and Nazi flags. It makes any American with common sense wonder how we have fallen so far backward.

Most Native Americans have always known of the stupid bigotry lurking behind every bush out there, but it took a man who believes exactly as they do to bring out the hidden hate and racism.

So many Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and Muslims have gone to the front lines in an effort to eliminate racial and religious prejudice in this country and yet we can see all of that progress flushed down the drain every time spouts off at one of his rallies.

We can be thankful for one thing from this Coronavirus epidemic; the elimination of large crowds gathering for any event have been shut down and with that shutdown we have also shut down the outrageous rallies held by Trump and we know that if this had not happened he would be out there nearly every week preaching his lies and hatred.


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