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The Mountain Crow Relay is an Indian relay team from Montana.

Native Sun News Today: Indian relay team wins top title at rodeo

Indian Relays run in Sheridan, Wyoming

SHERIDAN, WY - On July 20, 2019, the Mountain Crow Indian Relay Team bested 26 other teams from around Indian Country to win the prestigious Sheridan WYO rodeo event, paying $10,000. Due to the enormous expenses of the sport, Leroy Whiteman, the sponsor joked “That puts us about $500 ahead.”

The Indian Relay Races are widely touted as a major attraction at the Sheridan WYO rodeo, and very popular adding greatly adding to the proceeds, opening the rodeo to the delight of the fans, many who come just for that purpose, yet local media did not cover the final results.

And neither would security recognize the press pass from Native Sun News proffered by this reporter, who could not then gain entrance to that event, the tickets sold out in advance. Thus, it has been difficult to gain information about the other teams which also placed as well as photos.

World Championship Indian Relays Sheridan, Wyo Saturday Championship Round Champions Mountain Crow Relay

Posted by Jess Appenay on Saturday, July 13, 2019

“They were so far behind and it was so dusty, I couldn’t see them,” Whiteman joked.

The Mountain Crow Team was formerly known as Rock ‘N Whiteman, representing then jockey Luke Rock (Crow) and Leroy Whiteman (Cheyenne) owner. In 2010 and 2011 they won the National Indian Relay Championships, but then took a break for several years, only this year returning to the circuit.

“The Omak team, former champions from Washington came hunting heads,” Whiteman joked. “So, we gave them three (meaning they outran that team three times.)

Whiteman, who is now in his 80s bred and raised the horses (thoroughbred crosses) and ran the team, but has recently turned over ownership and management to Luke Rock, although continuing to be the major financial supporter and coach. A long-time friend of Leland Rock, Whiteman adopted Luke when the elder Rock passed away.

He recently gifted Luke with five racehorses and the young Crow has proven very trustworthy in the training, requiring many hours and work each day. And Luke is now also responsible for the upkeep of the horses, his four-man team of muggers etc.

“I know he will do a good job,” Whiteman commented.


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