Mvskoke Media on YouTube: MCN Free Press Repeal has Passed Council!

Sterling Cosper: Muscogee (Creek) Nation deserves a free press

Sterling Cosper resigned as manager of the Mvskoke Media after leaders of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation repealed the tribe's freedom of the press law.

As a result, the formerly independent news outlet will operate under the control of tribal leadership. Cosper, who is a Muscogee citizen, explains how the decision represents a setback for the tribe's sovereignty:
On the evening of Nov. 8, the Muscogee (Creek) Nation government repealed a 2015 law that established its news outlet, Mvskoke Media, as independent, and moved it back under an official of the tribal administration.

The department had been overseen by an editorial board that adhered to Native American Journalists Association and Society of Professional Journalists ethics. Two of the members had to be journalists and one had to be an attorney.

When the free press law first passed, the legislative body of the tribe was also asserting its power in the checks and balances of the government in other ways such as starting a forensic audit on the administration and a campaign finance bill, which was also recently overhauled.

At that time, Principal Chief James Floyd was a candidate for his current position and also showed support for the bill, which included a posted comment on coverage of the committee meeting where the free press bill was introduced and approved for a full vote.

Six of the seven National Council representatives who voted to repeal the bill also were in favor of putting it in place in 2015.

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