Four women from the Iowa Tribe in White Cloud, Kansas, in October 1974. Photo: Patricia Duncan / Environmental Protection Agency / National Archives and Records Administration

Iowa Tribe reclaims land within reservation with conservation deal

The Iowa Tribe is slowly reclaiming ownership of its reservation along the Nebraska-Kansas line.

The tribe just acquired 160 acres on the Nebraska side as part of a deal with the Nature Conservancy in Nebraska, The Omaha World-Herald reports. Development will be prohibited under a conservation easement, the paper said.

"This return of a part of our reservation, in a natural condition much as our ancestors would recognize it and which we will continue to restore, is helping us to heal the land and as a tribe," Vice Chairman Alan Kelley told the paper.

The reservation consists of about 12,000 acres, according to Wikipedia. The tribe and its citizens only own about 30 percent of the land there, Kelley told the paper.

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