Native Sun News Today Editorial: Donald Trump ain't seen nothin' yet

Before you sneak out, you forgot to give me a “Golden Shower.”

The charge of the ‘Short-fingered vulgarian’
By Native Sun News Today Editorial Board

The first week of the presidency of Donald J. Trump reminds us of a little kid with chocolate on his face skipping about the White House leaving cookie crumbs on the floor wherever he treads and a maid or butler with a whisk broom and a dust pan obediently following behind whisking up the crumbs.

The editor of a New York magazine once characterized Trump as a “Short-fingered vulgarian,” and of course he was lambasted by Trump in a tweet saying the man was a loser and that his magazine was about to go under.

Trump’s first plans of action were an effort to diminish the Clean Air Act, re-introduce the KXL and DAPL pipelines efforts in contradiction of former President Barack Obama, and to put gag orders on most of the federal agencies especially the Environmental Protection Agency. His ban on Muslims entering the country and only allowing Christians to enter is extreme and discriminatory.

In his run for the presidency Trump was caught on tape saying that when one has star power they can do anything to any woman they meet including kissing them and grabbing them by the “pussy.” Of course the national media diminished the vulgarity of the word by immediately dubbing it the “P-word.”

In the face of all of this including a number of women that stepped forward accusing Trump of sexual improprieties we saw the religious values of so many Evangelicals and other avowed Christians continue to embrace the man by exhibiting the most outlandish hypocrisy.

How can people of supposed such high morality pretend that this man who apparently has no regard for women vote for him in the face of their religious beliefs?

Many of us (Native Americans) have long suspected those of such high pretentious morality as the Catholic Church, the Mormon Church and other religious organizations that converged on Indian Country in their zest to convert the Indian people to Christianity by destroying their language, traditions and culture, were among the world’s biggest hypocrites.

In Donald J. Trump America has now elected the epitome of a hypocrite who speaks out of both sides of his mouth or as the Indians of old used to phrase it, “he speaks with a forked tongue.”

Trump has no idea of the spiritual and moral courage that is embodied in the hearts and souls of the Indian people. What happened at Standing Rock this past year will be a picnic compared to what will happen when he tries to force the pipelines down the throats of the Oyate. The short-fingered vulgarian, like Napoleon Bonaparte, will meet his Waterloo on the frozen ground of North Dakota.

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