Native Sun News Today: Oglala Sioux Tribe council member alleges more corruption

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Don Fire Thunder makes accusations of corruption against LaCreek District
By Ernestine Chasing Hawk
Native Sun News Today Editor

MARTIN –– An Oglala Sioux Tribal Councilman from the LaCreek District spoke out in support of the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s treasurer who he said is doing the job the council hired her to do: uncover corruption and help put a stop to it.

However Melanie Two Eagle Black Bull, Treasurer for the tribe, has been under fire since she uncovered information that implicates members of the tribal council and the executive committee for discrepancies in their travel allowances.

In defense of Black Bull who said she has received threats for uncovering what she believes is corruption within the Oglala Sioux Tribe's political system, Don Fire Thunder, LaCreek District Councilman, decided to come forward with information about questionable expenditures within his district.

Black Bull and Fire Thunder shared several documents with Native Sun News Today that implicate several employees of the LaCreek Community Action Program of using money they say is meant for district members in need of medical and utility assistance.

Native Sun News Today interviewed LaCreek District Council Representative Don Fire Thunder who shared the following:

Fire Thunder: “My name is Don Fire Thunder and I am a LaCreek District Representative and I reside in Martin. I am reporting on our district money and how it’s being spent. I don’t think it’s fair. What they’re doing is wrong and it’s in black and white right there in front of you.”

“The ones that work in the Cap Office they shouldn’t be getting assistance – they have a job. They get a paycheck. It’s the ones that don’t have a job and need to go to their doctor’s appointment or need medical assistance or just assistance – they don’t get that help. It’s in black and white, they cater to certain individuals and it’s mostly their family or themselves.”

NSNT: So how does the process work when district tribal members need assistance and ask for it?

Fire Thunder: “A lot of them have a bill from the electric company or the propane company or medical appointment slips. What they’ll do is go in to the CAP office and then they’re told they’re not having a meeting till Thursday or whenever it may be. But that’s wrong. I think if they have a medical appointment a lot of times it’s the next day and I think they should be given assistance to help to get to that medical appointment and they get that reimbursement from Title XIX.”

NSNT: So if they are not helping tribal members who need the assistance, then who are they helping?

Fire Thunder: “They help themselves more than they do their district people. Stephanie Brown Bull is the chair of the district and most of the time it’s her family or herself. The same way with Desiree White Eyes. Desiree also works in the CAP Office out there. She helps herself to a lot of funds and she gets a paycheck from the tribe.”

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