Ivan Star Comes Out: Donald Trump brings racism out into the open

Ivan F. Star Comes Out. Photo courtesy Native Sun News Today

Trump and White supremacists are squirming over equality for all
By Ivan F. Star Comes Out
Native Sun News Today Columnist

Let’s be real about this. Racism which has been synonymous with this country is no longer a secret. For example, we see an absolute racist running for the presidency as we enter the 21st century. His followers, mostly of Caucasoid origin, are seemingly upset about the egalitarian principle of equality disrupting their privileged monocratic lives.

Consequently, this repulsive racial parochialism has become an open observable activity here in the Dakotas. Being Native, I try very hard to understand this abnormally vile behavior. Studying history has been beneficial to my quest. I now understand why supremacists, disguised as law-abiding citizens, or even “cops,” judges, and elected officials, are so quick to persecute “those ---- Indians.”

It is intriguing to “see” that it is not the usual “white power” extremists that are squirming about equality. Government officials, city, county, and state, once elected for their principles, are openly joined in this bigotry. Racial influence and the power of the corporate dollar on mainstream media are obvious as it is busy promoting biased causes and protecting monocratic rule.

In the early stages of this new country’s history, these newcomers were forced to hide their pragmatic feelings and attitudes. Obviously, they do not agree with the egalitarian principles on which the United States Constitution is founded. These principles are perceived as restrictions to their greediness and need for supremacy. They always found legal loopholes to carry out their inbred hegemony.

If one were to delve into the history of fascism, one would find a solid explanation for this contemporary mainstream need to maintain superiority over all other races. Also, these people came from a continent rift with monarchs, aristocrats, and constant warfare. Most of the “new world” immigrants descended from conditions of bondage or slavery and a few of the aristocratic ilk.

In other words, the ancestors of most American citizens served lords under a medieval economic and social system called manorialism. The “Lord of the manor” exploited serfs or tenants who worked his estate. Those peasants (serfs) were obligated to live on the land and give him homage, labor, and a share of the produce.

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