Ivan Star Comes Out: #NoDAPL movement is about sacred water

Ivan F. Star Comes Out. Photo courtesy Native Sun News Today

'Water is Sacred’ slogan caught my attention
By Ivan F. Star Comes Out
Native Sun News Today Columnist

When news of the “protest” against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota reached my ears, I wanted to know exactly what was involved. I learned enough details via social media to justify my decision to go and help. I didn’t consider the poor condition of my health. I was reacting from a young mind and spirit in a worn-out body. I nearly cried with that realization.

Although I could not go without being a burden to others, I surmised that people will rise to the occasion and join the Hunkpapa (at the camp entrance). I still don’t know exactly why or how I arrived at that inference, I just did. Certainly, I didn’t expect the speed, extent, and enormity of that support. It is truly incredible. Actually, it is a once in a lifetime occurrence.

As I had expected, local media coverage was biased. The predisposed centuries-old “us against them” attitude and the fear mongering tactics were obvious. They presented the event from “their” side as did the mainstream media. They even distorted the truth in their attempt to promote “us” (Euro-Americans) in a benevolent light while trying to create a primeval and violent image of “them” (natives).

At any rate, I am somewhat aware of the history of Sitting Bull’s people and their struggle since his murder in 1890 and the devastation created by the Oahe Dam. In 1944 Congress passed the Pick-Sloan Plan for flood control and navigation of the Missouri River. Primary beneficiaries are “non-Indian” farmers in the river valleys along the Missouri and Mississippi.

The Bureau of Reclamation seized 1851 and 1868 treaty lands under Eminent Domain, which is defined as “the right of a government or its agents to expropriate private property for public use, following payment of compensation.”

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