Denver American Horse: Veterans column in the Lakota language

The color guard at a powwow on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Photo by Hamner Fotos

Veteran Warrior Wakte' Glipi
To come home in Triumph / Victory
By Denver American Horse
Lakota Country Times Columnist

Hau Kh'ola (Hello friend), toh niktuka hwo (How are you)? Matanyan yelo (I am well / fine). Anpetu Topa hehan, tiata wagli yelo (On Thursday, I came back to the house). Hehoninyan Wakpa Shiche Oth'unwahe tah unkunhanpi (We have been in Pierre all that time).

Akichita th'a Wowapi Iyuwashte Owayawa wan kitanh'chi unkiglushtanpi (We finally finished the Veterans Benefit School). Hinhani na Anpetu iyohila (Every morning and day), wakh'alyapi na chag'a mni unkupi (they gave us coffee and ice water). Nakun (Also), suzizila waslechapi na chanyapehe (cantaloupe slices and grapes); wagmu-shpan shni na zizi-shkopela (water-melon and bananas); nahan waskuyecha lila otah (and very many pastries). Th'apun la kin ojula wankaka iya wayath'a manke lo (I sat chewing with my cheeks full going up and down). "Wicha ("Man), le washte lo (this is good")! Eph'e (I said). Cha (So), waniyetu wanji ahke mawashte (I am good for another year).

Le Anpetu kin (Today is) Anpetu Th'okahe (Monday). Wasuth'un Washte Wi (Moon of Ripened / Ripening Seeds - August) Wikchemna Nunpa ahke Napchinyunka (29th), Kh'oktohpawing'e Nunpa sam Ahke Shakpe (2, 016). Maza shkanshkan kin wana Zaptan:Wikchemna nunpa ahke Shaglog'an hinhani lah'chi .The time is now 5:28 a.m.). H'talehan h'tayetu hehan ichani h'chi mashtinme (Yesterday evening i went to sleep early). Blug'oh seche (Maybe I was tired). H'tayetu wowate shni (I did not eat supper), cha (so) hanchokanyan lila lowachin (at mid-night I was very hungry). Taku woih'ake iwahanble (I dreamt of funny things). Weksuye na lila iwah'a (I remembered and smiled a lot). Wana anpo kajanjanyan u welo (It is now coming early light / dawn day-break). Anpetu washte yuha po (Have a good day).

I seen my kh'ola (friend) Marty's winyan (lady) at Gordon the other day, and she tells me that she is going after him: he's been at the Standing Rock (Inyan Najin) protest since the beginning. Wopila (Thx) to Marty for showing your Warrior spirit and standing up for Unchi Makh'a (Grandmother Earth) and the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty (Ahke Shaglog'an Wikchemena Shakpe ahke Shaglog'an Wolakh'ota).

Our Pine Ridge High School football players travelled to Todd County on Friday night (26th) and put up a good iyuth'api (Try), but the Falcons won 18 to 8. My takoja (grandson) is hanging in there as a freshman player, so I hope to watch a game or two this coming season. I understand the Pine Ridge High School Home-coming game is against St. Francis. That would be a washte (good) one to watch. And if i get lucky, i may find some candy at the parade lol (Ho Th'anka Ih'atah).

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Veterans Legal Clinic
September 16 - FREE LEGAL CLINIC. 9am - 3pm, VA Hot Springs Domiciliary Auditorium.
Join the South Dakota Military Legal Alliance for a FREE LEGAL CLINIC. Legal professionals will be on-site to address and support the military community with their questions and needs. FREE FOR ALL SERVICE MEMBERS, THEIR FAMILIES AND VETERANS! Event contact: Jason Krause (605) 335-5740.

Remember to take some time out of the busy world and pray for our tribal members with your Chanunpa Wakh'an (Sacred Pipe). Families are hurting because of suicide. As veterans, we may not be able to get around much, but even a caring prayer can work to help ease the hopelessness and loneliness of a troubled soul. Warrior Societies should (be there) at the front to offer hope of a better life on the reservations.

Until next week, Happy Trails!

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