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Veterans lead a graduation ceremony at Oglala Lakota College on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Photo from American Indian College Fund / Facebook

Veteran Warrior Wakte' Glipi
To come home in Triumph / Victory
By Denver American Horse
Lakota Country Times Columnist

Hau Kh'ola (Hello friend), toh niktuka hwo (How are you)? Matanyan yelo (I am well / fine).

Hinhani lah'chi (Early this morning) omikpah'iche (I awoke) yunkh'an (and here), lila machuwita (I was very cold). Tuma osni-wislolye kin (The indoor temperature gage) wikchemna topa ahke zaptan el he (was at 45 degrees).

Cha (So), owinja shokah wan amiglah'pe (I covered up with a thick blanket) na ahke hektakiya mashtinme (and fell back asleep). Wana Ptanyetu etkiya unyan pelo (Now we are going towards Fall). Hanhepi kin osni ahye lo (The nights are getting colder).

Le Anpetu kin (Today is) Anpetu Wakh'an (Sunday). Wasuth'un Washte Wi (Moon of Ripened / Ripening Seeds - August) Wikchemna Nunpa ahke Wanji (21st), Kh'oktopawing'e Nunpa sam Ahke Shakpe (2, 016). Wakpa Shicha Oth'unwahe el lechala wahi yelo (I have just recently arrived in Pierre). Hinhani kin (Tomorrow morning), Akichita Owichakiye Owayawa (the Veterans Benefits School) iyayin ktelo (will begin / start). Hanhepi kin (Tonight), teh'mung'a cha asanpi ohinh'paye se wah'payin ktelo (I will lay / sleep like a fly fallen into milk). LOL (Ho Th'anka Ih'atah)!

Last week I mentioned a Transit bus driver who spoke Lakh'ota to me and i appreciate that very much; his name is Lyle Chasing Hawk. I also mentioned that our Lakh'ota language is embedded in the O.S.T. Constitution - and rightly so.

This week, i want to mention Amendment (D) XI which was approved by the O.S.T. voters in a reservation-wide Secretarial Election of June 13, 1997 with 919 (For) and 153 (Against). Proposed Amendment D, then became designated Amendment XI : Article IV section 1 " (u) To adopt ordinances regulating the procedure of the council itself and of other elected officials of the reservation through a comprehensive code of ethics and removal procedures". It is19 years since the making of this amendment that a large majority of the people wanted. Let us not wait any longer.

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The Fall District 2 American Legion meeting is scheduled for September 18, 2016 at Post 303, Hermosa. 11 a.m. social hour, lunch at 12 p.m. prior to the meeting at 1 p.m.

Anpetu Th'unpi Wowiyushkin (Happy Birthday) to my nephew Rowayne "Chevy Man" Wounded Horse on August 26th.

Until next week, Happy Trails!

(Denver American Horse is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. He writes his weekly column in the Lakota language, offering an English translation of his words. He is the Veterans Service Officer for Oglala Lakota County in South Dakota.)

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