Donald Trump advisor filed lawsuit to stop transfer of dam to tribe

The Kerr Dam in Montana is now known as the Salish-Kootenai Dam. Photo by Bill Barrett via Wikipedia

A foreign policy advisor to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was behind the lawsuit that sought to stop the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes from taking ownership of a dam within reservation borders.

The Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights made the connection between attorney Joseph E. Schmitz and the lawsuit, which included outlandish assertions about the alleged influence of the "Islamic Government" of Turkey in Indian Country. A judge noted there was no evidence to back up those claims and the plaintiffs -- two Republicans from Montana -- withdrew the case last October.

The other attorney on the case was Lawrence Kogan. According to the institute, he is closely allied with the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance, an anti-Indian and anti-sovereignty group that opposed the transfer of the Kerr Dam to Energy Keepers, a tribal entity.

Schmitz's law firm is based in suburban Washington, D.C., and Kogan's is based in New York City, according to court filings.

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