Ivan Star Comes Out: Politicians and voters ignore Constitution

Ivan F. Star Comes Out. Photo from Native Sun News

White politicians and voters disrespect U. S. Constitution
By Ivan F. Star Comes Out

As I become more and more conscious of this election year’s political activity, I am reminded of Dr. Martin L. King’s 1963 quote, “This country is in trouble, not because of the bad acts of evil people, but because of the appalling silence of good people.” While watching this strange activity, I can’t help but think about how big the “silent majority” actually is.

The 2016 U. S. presidential campaign is undeniably off the beaten path. However, having been exposed to such eccentric behavior all of my Lakota life, it doesn’t come as a total surprise. But when I saw this Trump character wildly ranting to huge crowds of frantic well-wishers, mimicking Adolph Hitler, I raised an eyebrow.

Especially when The Trump asked his supporters to raise their right hands, they went right into the 1940s style “sieg heil” (victory hail) salute. It stirs up images of that mustached maniacal monster who murdered millions in Nazi Germany. Obviously, his people harbor racist attitudes and are uncontrollably attracted to this open bigotry. I see the senseless lunacy too as Trump denies responsibility for it.

I believe the glue that is holding these people together is comprised of individual materialism and all the comforts that came with it. More so, there is the common underlying ideology that they are superior to all other races and thus deserve to take and keep all they can get their hands on. Equality, ethics, and empathy seem to be the least of their concerns.

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