Grahame Russell: Indigenous activist was murdered for her beliefs

Berta Cáceres, 1971-2016, and supporters help set up a roadblock to prevent access to a dam construction site on a sacred river in Honduras. Photo by Goldman Environmental Prize

Grahame Russell, the director of Rights Action, pays tribute to the late Berta Cáceres, an indigenous rights activist who was murdered in Honduras:
Berta Caceres, a great Lenca woman from western Honduras, was assassinated early in the morning of March 3.

She was killed because of who she is, because of what she lived, stood and fought for, her whole life.

And for her life, sicarios (paid assassins) broke into her home in La Esperanza, Intibuca, Honduras, and shot her dead in the dark of early morning, March 3, 2016.

A mother of four children, a grandmother, a sister and daughter.

And, to all who knew her, learned from her, got strength, courage and wisdom from her, followed her, a companera.

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