Native Sun News Editorial: Some new names for Indian Country

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Changing the name to Bureau of Native American Affairs
By Native Sun News Editorial Board

We’ve been thinking about all of the political correctness that is eating away at the old ways. Here are a few more for our readers to mull over.

Russell Means, along with others in the new organization in the 1970s, chose the name American Indian Movement for their group. However, in today’s politically correct rage they should have named the organization the Native American Movement, a name that was actually used in a movie. More on this later.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is blatantly wrong. It should be the Bureau of Native American Affairs. The Institute of American Indian Arts or IAIA, should have been named the Institute of Native American Arts.

Indian Country is terribly wrong although it is used by nearly every governmental agency in America. It should be Native American Country: Doesn’t have the same authoritative ring does it? Indian Country Today of course should be Native Country Today or Native Country Media.

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