Pomo tribes in northern California fight high rates of diabetes

The Lake County Tribal Health Clinic in Lakeport, California. Photo from LCTHC

Six Pomo tribes in Lake County, California, are taking aim at high rates of diabetes among their people.

Native Americans are twice as likely to suffer from diabetes than the general population, according to the Indian Health Service. The disease -- which is preventable -- is even showing up in younger tribal members, KUOW reported.

"When you see a 12-year-old kid that is prediabetic, that is pretty sad," Johnny Gonzales, a trainer at the Lake County Tribal Health Clinic, told KUOW. "A lot of it is lack of education to that kid — or their parents just don't know."

To help address the situation, the clinic offers free physical training with Gonzales. There's also classes on healthy eating and improving lifestyles.

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