St. Regis Mohawk Tribe ready for launch of new television station

Akwesasne TV: The 2015 Akwesasne International Pow Wow

The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe of New York is launching a television station this week.

Akwesasne TV officially debuts on Friday. It's being broadcast on Channel 2 on the Akwesasne Broadband Network channel and on the station's website.

"I am quite pleased with the progress that we have made on this endeavor. The possibilities are quite expansive and will make a positive impact on Akwesasne,” Chief Eric Thompson said in a press release. “When first contemplated, the offering of language and cultural programming immediately sprung to mind, almost instantaneously, however; the broader implications and applications became apparent and included a broad palette of programming from sports to politics to culture to current events and news. Akwesasne TV has done a great job in bringing this vision to fruition.”

The station will offer a mix of news, entertainment and cultural programming. The Mohawk language also will be featured.

“We want Akwesasne TV to be a reflection of Akwesasne and to accurately portray the lives and concerns of Indigenous People throughout Indian Country," executive producer Regan Jacobs said. "We approach each program with the goal of developing content that shows who and where we are today, as a Native people and as Native nations.”

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