Lakota Country Times: Lakota 57 honored with run to Bear Butte

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Runners braved the elements associated with the world’s largest motorcycle rally to raise awareness about the Black Hills and to honor the Lakota 57. Photo by Benjamin Loyseau via Chase Iron Eyes / Facebook

Spiritual run through Sturgis Rally honors Lakota 57
By Brandon Ecoffey
LCT Editor

STURGIS—For the past two years a group of Lakota runners have run through the heart of downtown Sturgis during the height of the worlds largest motorcycle rally to raise awareness of respect for the sacred Black Hills and to honor the Lakota 57.

“The run is to raise awareness to the attending bikers that the sacred Black Hills are still home to the Lakota Nation and we ask they respect our lands well they visit here. It is our intention to show that our spiritual run promotes strength, honor, unity and perseverance that we as the Lakota Nation are still rightful owners of this majestic land mass,” said organizer and activist Cody Hall.

Last year the event had several dozen runners participate as well as tens of others who served as the role of supporters for the runners.

“I am the one who is organizing the run but it is for all people willing to participate and show strength in numbers for our people,” said Hall.

Participants in the third annual spiritual run to Bear Butte in South Dakota. Photo from Chase Iron Eyes / Facebook

On August 5, the runners continued their tradition of raising awareness about the Black Hills by completing the annual 18 mile spiritual run through the heart of the world’s largest motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

According to organizers this year’s spiritual run also took place to honor the 57 Lakota children who allegedly had beer and racially charged taunts thrown at them while at a semi-pro hockey game in Rapid City that they had attended as part of a reward for their academic achievement. Trace O’Connell, the man accused of throwing the beer stood trial for disorderly conduct charges stemming from the incident last week in Rapid City. The presiding judge in the case has stated that a verdict in the matter will be produced in the next couple of weeks.

Runners met yesterday morning in Boulder Canyon just off of Highway 14A that runs between Sturgis and Deadwood. From their runners risked life and limb running along hundreds of thousands of motorcycles through the town of Sturgis. Once in Sturgis the runners competed with foot and bike traffic on the famous Lazelle Street as they progressed towards the sacred site of Bear Butte. As the runners exited the town of Sturgis they progressed past the Full Throttle Saloon, another staple of the rally. The run would end at Bear Butte where a prayer was offered.

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