Bill John Baker: New era of opportunity on the Cherokee Nation

Chief Bill John Baker, left, and deputy chief Joe Crittenden will be sworn into second terms of office on Friday, August 14, 2015. Photo from Facebook

Chief Bill John Baker shares his vision as he prepares to start another four years as the leader of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma:
In the next four years, we look forward to helping more elders and inspiring more children to pursue their education. We will generate even more quality jobs, and continue our work to create the best future for the Cherokee Nation.

Today, we live in challenging times, but we also live in an era of emerging technologies and considerable opportunities. We stand at the beginning of a new era of possibility and security for the Cherokee people.

Our vibrant culture and heritage and our record investments in health care and education have created a foundation for our economic success. That success will serve the Cherokee people and help create a thriving future for the next seven generations of Cherokees. That’s our fundamental mission.

I promise to keep fighting for our people the next four years, developing programs that grow healthy and successful families and doing everything in my power to help our tribal nation flourish. I know with the help of this Tribal Council, we will continue strengthening the Cherokee Nation as a better government for the people.

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