Opinion: Let's pay tribute to our real warriors with mascots

Not Your Mascot. Photo from OtherMedicineJ / Twitter

Ramone Romero and Rob Schmidt propose a new theme to replace racist Indian mascots around the nation:
Recently Native American mascots have generated a lot of controversy. Apparently some Indians (67% according to a recent poll) don’t care for the honor this country has bestowed on them. This has sparked anger and conflict across the land.

We have a modest proposal to restore harmony to the sacred institution of sports mascotry. Rather than honor Indians, we should give the distinction to some heroes who unquestionably deserve it. A group of people we’ve never honored before as mascots.

We should give it to our troops

Think about it: What other group so powerfully exemplifies courage, loyalty and fearlessness? What other group is more sports-like?

Legions of brave soldiers have protected our freedoms in foreign countries, yet many return home feeling unappreciated. Worse, they suffer from injuries, PTSD, financial woes, substance abuse and homelessness. The road they travel is strewn with landmines.

What better way to help struggling veterans than to salute them as mascots?

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