Editorial: Time to move on from mascot fight in North Dakota

Dateline 3002: A cartoon by Steve Stark

Newspaper has a simple message to people who believe the University of North Dakota will somehow revive its Fighting Sioux nickname and logo:
To the unreconstructed University of North Dakota fans who say without shame regarding the discredited and retired “Sioux” logo and nickname, “We will never give it up!” That’s akin to saying “Racism,” we will never give it up! “Homophobia,” we will never give it up! “Bullying,” we will never give it up! “Sexism,” we will never give it up! Get over it, kiddies. Times changes. Mores change. A deeper, more complete and more sensitive understanding of American Indian symbols emerges. After years of discussion, debate and eventually thoughtful consideration, the old logo was scrapped. A too-lengthy process has been underway to find a new name. But people of goodwill on both sides of the logo debate have come to consensus about the old one and the need for a new one. Move on.

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