Amalia Rubin: Adam Sandler portrays Native people as 'savages'

From left to right: David Spade, Vanilla Ice, Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider on the set of The Ridiculous Six. Photo from Instagram

Student Amalia Rubin thinks Adam Sandler should know better than to perpetuate stereotypes of Native people:
Adam Sandler, I am a Jew. Although we don’t share the same taste in comedy, I had always loved that you put Jews out there. You made us visible. From the subtle, like the marriage under the Chupah in 50 First Dates to making it possible to laugh at the inanities of world conflict in Don’t Mess With The Zohan, you showed different faces of Jews to America and the world.

One would hope that you, Mr. Sandler, would realize how important it is as a Jew, especially as a Jew in public, to recognize that the struggles and horrors our people have suffered should inspire solidarity with others who faced and continue to face the same. From the unspeakable nightmares of genocide to the daily attacks of racism, what we have suffered has been suffered by innumerable others.

That is why your disgusting treatment of Native Americans in your upcoming Netflix film release The Ridiculous Six is so abhorrent. Like your fellow Jews, the indigenous people of America have suffered a massive genocide. Like your fellow Jews, they were demonized by the media and press. Even American children’s cartoons only a few years ago, like the ones published by Nazi Germany about Jews, showed Native Americans as barbarians who deserved to be killed. Like the Jewish boys kidnapped into the Czar’s armies, Native American children were forced away from their families into boarding schools where they were forcibly stripped of their cultures, faiths, and languages. And much the same as my father was beaten up as a kid for being a k***, native kids are attacked by fans at sports games, wearing fake head dresses, hooping and hollering “war chants”, dumping drinks on them, and calling them r*******.

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