Hunter from Crow Tribe pleads guilty for poaching in Wyoming

A view of the Bighorn Mountains. Photo from National Park Service

Colton Herrera, a member of the Crow Tribe of Montana, pleaded guilty to two charges of poaching in Wyoming.

Herrera admitted to hunting out of season and taking a big game or antlered animal in the Bighorn Mountains. The area is covered under the 1868 Treaty with the Crows but the state does not recognize off-reservation hunting rights.

Two other tribal members who were charged are citing the treaty in their defense. One is Herrera's brother, Clayvin, who works for Crow Nation Fish and Game.

“We just needed food that day,” Clayvin Herrera told The Billings Gazette of the reason why the men went out hunting in January 2014. “It’s evolved since then into this craziness, and it’s started to get political, and I don’t like politics at all.”

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