Another lawsuit filed over former federal judge's racist emails

The flag of the Crow Tribe. Image from Manataka American Indian Council

A second lawsuit has been filed to seek the release of emails from a former judge who admitted circulating a racist message about President Barack Obama

An internal investigation uncovered "hundreds" of racist messages -- including some about Native Americans -- in the email account of Richard Cebull. But government attorneys say the information is confidential and can't be released.

Clifford Birdinground, a former chairman of the Crow Tribe of Montana who was convicted of bribery, has been trying to obtain the emails in hopes of clearing his name. His attorneys believe Cebull may have been biased against Native defendants.

Two reporters from Montana are also seeking the emails. The new lawsuit was filed on their behalf.

Cebull was nominated for a seat on the U.S. District Court in Montana by former president George W. Bush in 2001. He became chief judge of the court in 2008.

A family from the Crow Tribe adopted President Obama during his presidential campaign in 2008. After the racist email became public knowledge, the Crow Legislature passed a resolution that called on Congress to impeach Cebull, who retired in May 2013 before he faced disciplinary action by the federal judiciary.

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